Online courses: a platform for the students!

The aim of the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) is to plan, authenticate and freely distribute knowledge. Our supply specifically provides portable online aid for chance and statistics education, skill based instruction and statistical compute. SOCR gear and resources comprise a repository of interactive applets, graphing tackle and computational, instructional and course material.

Statistics Online: An Interactive Multimedia Course of learn is a supply for learning and teaching initial statistics. It contains material obtainable in textbook arrangement and as video presentation. This resource features interactive demonstration and simulation, case studies, and a study lab. 

Version 2.0

This version has superior production value, extra chapters, and rewrite interactive questions. The interactive question no longer need Java and therefore works with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod. The simulation still needs Java. We are functioning to convert the videos to .mp4 format so they also resolve work with iOS. Many video have not yet been transformed. Business statistics, credit scoring, forecasting, social discipline statistics and survey investigate, data taking out; manufacturing and quality organize application, and many others.

The school book begins with a general idea of the relevant basic (pivotal) concept and continues with a more in deepness exploration of specific areas of figures, organized by “modules” and easy to get to by buttons, in place of classes of analytic technique. A glossary of numerical terms and a list of reference for further study are incorporated.

Overview of Elementary concept in Statistics

In this preface, we will briefly discuss those basic statistical concepts that give the necessary basics for more specialized know-how in any area of statistical data analysis. The chosen topics illustrate the basic assumption of most arithmetical methods and/or have been established in research to be necessary mechanism of one’s general considerate of the “quantitative life” of reality Because of freedom limitations, we will focus typically on the functional aspects of the concept discussed and the appearance will be very short.

There are three main types of SOCR users: educator, students and device developers. Course instructor and teacher will find the SOCR class remarks and interactive tools useful for learner motivation, concept demonstration and for enhancing their skill based pedagogical approach to any study of difference and indecision. Students and trainee may find the SOCR class comments, analysis, computational and graphing tools very useful in their knowledge.  The developers and other manufacturing, biomedical and practical researchers may find the light-weight plug-in leaning SOCR computational libraries and communications helpful in research labors and algorithm design. The three types of SOCR wealth are:

  1. Interactive Java applets: these contain a number of different, simulation, demonstrations, virtual experiment, tools for data apparition and analysis, etc. All applets require a Java-enabled browser (if you see a empty screen, see the SOCR advice to find out how to arrange your browser).
  2. Instructional capital: these include facts, electronic textbooks, tutorial, etc.
  3. Learning actions: these include a variety of interactive hands-on actions.
  4. SOCR Video tutorial (including universal and tool-specific screen casts).

Thus statistics online is very much useful for the students and people learn to know about different aspects.