Crypto Integration

Within months of purchase of transit currency, binisin is now integrated with the Cuban network protocol for the exchange of close trading volume in World Banks. The wallet, which is completely open and decentralized, originally offered native support for Ethereum (ETH) and associated ERC-20 compatible characters.

However, after the acquisition, Binance continued with a number of compatible cryptocurrencies. The exchange plan also provides a consensus testing algorithm. In addition, the introduction of additional features such as stakeout and support for off-chain payment options such as Lightning Network.

Currently, the insurance wallet is Bian de-Dexx. There are several advantages of integrating Kyber Network Protocol, a multi-DEX platform that allows cross-symbols exchange. First, this will not only contribute to the trade, but also the additional liquidity. Secondly, through Trust wallet, customers can access dapps from publishing or mobile mobile wallet.
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Meanwhile, WINK, previously known as TRONbet and Beneficiary Tron Calendar Foundation, will hold crowdfund in Binance Launchpad.

Candle arrangement
Apartment coin BNB

On the seventh, BNB is stable, soaked in sales pressure. However, the upward trend is firm. Although there is a weakness, BNB buyers have a chance.

From the previous BNB / USD business plans, there are bulls because the prices are firmly high at $ 25- $ 30 in the support zone, while the dual barrier replacement sample on 16 and 17 July already indicates the underlying conditions.

However, with a flexible resistance line, the average Bollinger band, there is an obvious resistance to the advantage. On the background of general sensitivity to price action, risk-negative operators will get a neutral position until June of June in high of $ 43 million

At the same time, aggressive operators acquire purchased bags in the security network, including only $ 25. The first goal will be 43 dollars. If the bet is a firm, and the final violation is more than 43 $, the chance is that BNB shoots at $ 70 in the continuation stage uptrend.

Technical indicators
As a result, on July 18, Baral Barr begins a business plan. In order to continue the trend, the breakout bar will have to raise more than 43 dollars in high trade volume that is more than 6 million on July 18. On the contrary, strong losses are below $ 25 to abolish this business plan with a high-profile signal bar that exceeds 6 million copies.