Getting Your Ex Back – The No Contact Rule Is the Only Way to Go If You Want To Succeed!

You are telling me just how hard it is to end your relationship with your ex, but I will tell you that it will only get harder, because you will have absolutely no contact with your ex. Of course, you may ask why you have to make it so hard for yourself. I will tell you that it is the only way to get your ex back.

It will be extremely difficult if you called your ex a lot while you were still together. This will mean that you will need to adapt and change your habits, and just like getting over an addiction, you will have to be extremely strong to be able to get over it and get back with your ex.

Of course, you will feel lonely and depressed at this point, and you will simply mope around the phone until you find an excuse to call them. Instead, you should go out and do some of the things that you didn’t have time to do when you were with your ex. You can start those piano lessons or go out on that vacation to the beaches in the Caribbean.

You must know that you have to keep a distance between you and your ex, because the no contact rule is the only proven method of getting back together with your ex. To help make this easier, you can also go catch up with your friends and family to have some fun. Of course, your ex won’t like this, and that is the point. They will want to be back in the fun as soon as they can.

You will have to wait until your heartaches are over, and no more negative feels are still hanging around. When this happens, both of you will start missing each other, and it will be unbearable.

At this point, you will know that the no contact rule is working. You will get your ex back soon. Simply wait for that call from your ex that is bound to come in next to no time.