Bora Bora Island – Paradise For Lovebirds

Bora Bora Island is unquestionably the most fabulous tourist destination and is a dream of many people in the world. Rising the charm of Pacific Islands, the Bora Bora Island offers magnificence to the fullest for which people in fact, throng here and grab all of the happiness for rest of their life. The island is the honeymooner’s paradise, as the island offers romantic atmosphere along with spectacular natural beauty at every corner.

Bora Bora is an island belongs to the Leeward group of the Society Islands, which is of French Polynesia. It is an overseas collectivity of France that shimmer the beauty in Pacific Ocean. Located at a distance of nearly 230 kilometers towards the northwest of Papeete, the island is bordered by a lagoon as well as a barrier reef. Right at the meddle of the island, you can see the remnants of a wiped out volcano that mounts to two distinct peaks named Mount Pahia as well as Mount Otemanu. The highest point of the peak is at 727 meters. Suffered heavily during the World War II, the Bora Bora Island today is a nature’s paradise, boasting most of the attractions in its bed.

The island offers beautiful beaches that entice people to explore more, various amazing resorts, and magnificent views that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Truly, a vacation at Bora Bora Island will offer memories for the lifetime. Words will always be short to describe or explain the beauty of the island. Turn your eyes anywhere at the island, and you could see captivating views that soothe every people’s eyes and mind. Being a part of France, this island offers almost everything to be called as a heaven. It is an ideal destination for the newlywed couples or for the newly found lovebirds. So if you are the one, do not waste time to plan for a destination. Just pack your bags and head for it.

Bora Bora Island will never let anyone down. Enjoy its serenity to the fullest; enjoy exploring the sights by walk and take pleasure as much as you can. The island has many leisure activities to offer you at the beaches that stretch out to offer cozy atmosphere. When the question of travel comes, the best answer to this depends upon the personal preferences. If you are the nature fanatic then the Bora Bora Islands no doubt, will take your breath away. Miraculously, the island has so much of charm and attractions that there will be no one in the entire world who could escape out of it. The best time to visit the islands will be the months of May through October when Polynesian winters brings its cool weather to lure everyone.

During the winter season, you will find the island is almost packed with many travelers who throng here from different parts of the world. You will get many different options to reach to your destination. You can choose the International Airlines from any other European high-up airports. Or else, the other option, which you can try is to reach first at France and then from there link to the Sailing or Cruising vessels, private charters, and smaller boats. To make you vacation unforgettable, everything will be served to you completely.

While exploring the sights, enjoy its outstanding hotels; Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Le Meridien Bora Bora, which is the most attractive accommodation; and the Novotel Bora Bora Beach Resort.

Wholesale Travel

Oh sure! A vacation? In this economy? How can you afford to just go gallivanting off into the sunset, spending every penny of your precious stockpile of money? After all, you don’t know what the future brings, and you don’t want to be caught between jobs and also having no money in the bank because you spent it all on a vacation!

The truth is that vacationing has just gotten smarter and cheaper! That’s right; you can now afford that dream trip you’ve always wanted. I’m sure that you never imagined you could ever get to New Orleans, San Antonio or Montana, much less Africa, Ireland or Central Europe! Well, now is the time to cash in on some great savings on vacations and not break your bank.

You don’t have to go through a travel agency, and you don’t need to know anyone on the insider to tap into super savings. What you do need to do is join a travel club. They’ve found a way to pull resources together and purchase vacation packages and service in bulk! They have turned that around and are now offering these cost savings back to you. That’s right, just like you’d go to your wholesale warehouse to buy bulk groceries, you can now do the same thing but with vacations! I did a simple cost comparison looking just at flights.

What I did was put in the same dates, same amount of travelers and same departure and arrival points. I then went to the four options you have to book travel online. You have membership sites, Aggregator sites, and traditional sites such as Orbitz and then you always have the airline sites.

While I imagined that there would be a difference in price, I wasn’t prepared for the drastic difference. The membership site airline flight, which would be the wholesale price was $260. The Aggregator sites offered the same flight for $300 – $600. The reason for the difference in price with the Aggregator site is because those sites go and pull from a number of sites offering that flight. The traditional site, which I used Orbitz offered the same flight for $301. Finally the airline, looking at the same airline I picked on the other sites offered the flight for $401.

So you save anywhere from $40 – $340 per flight. If you have a family of four that saves you $160 – $1360, this makes a family vacation even more plausible even in touchy economic times. Now you can take that Safari Trip you never imagined you could take. You can go on week-end cruises at ridiculously cheap prices, and most dream trips within the United States are simply too cheap to even list. You really have to see some of the prices to believe them.

A vacation is no longer just a luxury, it is a necessity. You need it for your sanity and health. You and your family need a vacation to reconnect and bond again. Forget the staycation, go on a vacation, and go for less then what you thought.

Kenya Holiday Vacations

In Kenya, you will have an exciting holiday that you will live to remember. Its famous for it’s wildlife watching sites and beautiful photo shooting. Kenya is however the original and authentic wildlife safari destination as described the early European Hunters. You will have a chance to see a variety of wild animals, bird life and also insect life, all sustained in their respective ecology. Above all, you will be delighted to see the five big wild animals on the ground and the big animals below the Indian Ocean. Take a tour to Lake Nakuru and have a spectacular view of millions flamingo birds.

It’s a beautiful country with a mixture of green forest, semi-arid areas, equatorial rain forest, mountains and vegetation. Spending your holiday vacations in Kenya will be the right choice since, you will also have a chance to visit big tea and coffee plantations in central province and also in Kericho. Kenya is a peaceful country where you will have good relaxation. You will rest in gorgeous big hotels, where you will have delicious food prepared by expert chefs. Kenya is highly populated with various tribe and different cultures. It’s a country where you will learn, enjoy and meet new people.

You will not regret having your holiday vacations here in Kenya where you will visit the Indian Ocean Beach. Here you can choose to visit the remote Indian Ocean beach which is far from human contact with the boat or airplane being the only means of transport. The Indian Ocean is a popular beach with plenty of sun, white sand beaches and food. You will have fun swimming in the salty water sea that is devoid of refuse. Visit Mombasa town to see Fort Jesus, the oldest building which was built by the Portuguese. Swahili is the language which is commonly used in Mombasa. I’m sure you will learn a few words.

Take your holiday vacations to Kenya and adventure the Great Rift Valley. Take an enjoyable journey to Lake Naivasha, which is a fresh water lake with different types of fish. Lake Nakuru is an alkaline water making it an ideal home for millions pink and white flamingo birds. Lake Bogolia with it’s unique hot water perspective where you can boil an egg within a minute when placed in the geyser. You will have a wonderful time with the indigenous Masai, Pokot and Samburu communities who strongly keep their cultures. There are many activities in Kenya creating employment to the majority of the people.

What to See on Holiday in Northern Portugal

Northern Portugal is growing popular as a holiday destination with families staying in holiday rentals. This region of Portugal has amazing attractions such as the historical and cultural landmarks.

In recent years the demand for self catering holiday accommodation has grown. This has resulted in a great choice of holiday apartments, villas, cottages and farmhouses now being available to rent as self catering holiday homes.

In order to enjoy Northern Portugal to the fullest, it is advisable to opt for sightseeing tours, extreme sports and water sports that tourists can enjoy in this wonderful region.

Tourists must try out water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling and canoeing in the beaches of Northern Portugal. Northern Portugal is the perfect destination to try these extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding and wind surfing. Tourists can enjoy their Northern Portugal holiday trip to the fullest by opting to try outdoor land sports such as biking, trailing and walking.

When staying in holiday homes in North Portugal many holiday makers like to sample the great night life. Many go to the wonderful clubs and restaurants that are so common in this area. The clubs here offer many different types of music including rock, jazz and hip-hop.

Northern Portugal has many bars offering world class beer and wines. One of the most alluring features of checking out the bars here is that tourists can taste the exotic port wine. Holiday makers can enjoy the fresh local food and wine that is served in many of the family cafes and restaurants. This part of Portugal is particularly proud of its local seafood dishes and they are certainly worth tasting if you get a chance.

When on vacation to North Portugal you must try and see some of the wonderful museums. The Museu da Ceramica (Ceramics Museum) is very popular with locals as well as tourists and is worth a visit. The region is also rich in history and local architecture with many religious sites.

One good example of this is Braga town which has lots of beautiful churches. Of particular interest are the Sameiro Sanctuary and Bom Jesus sanctuary. It would also be wise to plan a trip to Chaves to see the 14th century castle. There is also a Roman Bridge on the river Tamega and the mother-church of Romanesque origin to see while you are there.

Northern Portugal is the perfect place to buy horn, wood and cork objects. There are also many decorative kitchen items that can also be bought. Many holiday makers buy the local port and take it home friends as gifts. You can also purchase some of the world’s best ceramics and hand made azulejos (hand painted tiles).

This region of Portugal is full of charm and the locals are very friendly. It is a great place to go on vacation as there are so many different things to do. Many families like to rent holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments in this part of Portugal as holiday homes. Staying in holiday rentals in Northern Portugal is growing in popularity each year.

Self Catering Cottages – Home In A Foreign Land

One of the crazes of modern times, undoubtedly, are the self catering cottages. In today’s times when there is a considerable hike in people’s income they are finding newer ways to make their living worthwhile. One practice that is slowly becoming popular is going on vacations. More and more people today are going on vacations today then was the case earlier. And when it comes to vacations then one destination that they normally prefer is a self catering cottage. A recent innovation that has left such popular holiday destinations like hotels and rest houses far behind in the race to popularity.

There are several things that make self catering cottages so well liked by people. First of which, undoubtedly is the price at which it is availed. So small is the amount that anyone can avail these cottages without much difficulty. Another highlight of these cottages is their setting. Set amidst the calm environ of country side, these cottages provide people a perfect run away from the pounding of daily itinerary. Away from th hustle and bustle of routine life, they welcome the guests with calmness and serenity and expose them to a few days of hassle free life. It works as a balm for the hassled visitor and replenishes every tissue of his body.

Another advantage of self catering cottages is that people get the freedom to make enjoyable their stay here. So much so that they also get to cook their own food here. This tilts the scale firmly in favour of these cottages as families which have small kids find such a provision extremely helpful. These cottages find favour with business houses also as they find the place just perfect for arranging their official parties and team building exercises.

With the life of people getting hectic with every passing day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if more and more people decide to go on vacations to recharge their batteries. And armed with all sorts of comfort and available at an extremely cost-effective rate self catering cottages would be their first and only choice to stay at an alien place.

Europe Vacation – The Best Way to Rejuvenate Mind and Body

Are you tired of your routine life and are in search of a break? If this is what you are planning, Europe vacation is then the best thing for you. You can now plan the best vacation of all times for you and your family and build great memories in Europe. There is simply a great deal of variety which will enchant you and bring you to this beautiful place.

Europe is a continent which has loads to offer to the tourists. There are many places that you can visit like Holland, Italy, France, Cyprus etc and each of these countries have their own cultures, people and cuisines. The variation that is found in the same continent is all the more enchanting for the people who come and visit this place. One can enjoy different kinds of weathers. All types of tourists can come here like the adventure-lovers, the peace-goers, the honeymooners and almost everyone will find a good way to rejoice this great vacation to Europe.

One can plan a proper travel to Europe by taking up assistance available online. Maps and travel guides can be referred online so that the tourists can plan ahead of time and decide their itinerary according to their interests and their budget. Also, Europe vacation will fit well within the budget that you have planned for your vacation trip and no extra burden will be enforced on your shoulders. Online bookings and planning helps the tourists in getting the best deals for airlines, hotel bookings, travel guides etc and it also makes sure that all things are sorted even before you land in Europe.

Plan a vacation to Europe today and make this great continent a part of your memories. So what are you waiting for? Get set and start packing!

Places You Can Go For an African Safari Adventure

Do you love being outdoors? Is your idea of vacation involve spending time observing wildlife in their natural habitat? If so, an African safari vacation may be the ideal vacation for you. African safari vacations are popular right now. They’re so popular that you’ll find many travel agencies and companies offering packages designed to provide tourists a taste of African safari adventure. These package tours are accompanied by experts. If you choose to go with one of these African safari vacations, you’ll mostly stay in lodges and camping grounds. Don’t worry though — hot showers will be available. There’ll also be a cook in the tour who’ll prepare your meals and barbecues.

Kenya is a popular destination for African safari vacations. There are packages that include a beach holiday. With 40 national parks and game reserves, you’ll have plenty of things to see in Kenya. For instance, you may travel to the Kimana Game Sanctuary that’s located at the foot of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kenya National Parks and Masai Mara are two other popular Kenyan national parks. The former boasts of a rich rain forest while the latter has plains that stretch for hundreds of miles. If you’re headed to Kenya, you’ll be accompanied by a guide who will drive you and the others either in open back trucks, 4×4 vehicles or mini buses. If flying is your thing and you want to see the landscapes from high above, there are African safari vacation packages that include flying in a small plane. You’ll see giraffes, leopards, crocodiles, gazelles, zebras, hippos and lions during your African safari adventure in Kenya.

South Africa is the ideal destination for your African safari vacation if you’d like to see different landscapes (e.g., semi-dessert, old forest, open grassland, wetlands, etc.). South Africa’s Phinda region can be explored by foot, air or car. There are also African safari vacation packages that include exploring South Africa by boat. Expect to see lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards and elephants. You’ll see packs of hyenas and wild dogs, leopards and elephants when you tour the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Uganda and Rwanda are also popular African safari destinations. Uganda is the perfect destination if you want to see chimpanzees and lowland gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorillas abound at Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. To see a variety of bird species, pick an African safari vacation that includes a tour to Uganda’s Mgahinga Volcanoes in its itinerary. You’ll see elephants, giraffes, antelopes and birds when you tour the savannahs in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Another popular destination in Uganda is the Murchisson Falls National Park. The waterfall is a wonderful sight and the wildlife include baboons, warthogs and zebras.

Rwanda is a haven for mountain gorillas. The slopes of the Parc National des Volcans is where you can see about 300 mountain gorillas. If you want to see lakes, forests, volcanoes and waterfalls, and mountain and lowland gorillas in their natural surroundings, go on an African safari vacation to Uganda and Rwanda.

5 Great Things to Do on Your Vacation to Aruba – And 2 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Having gone to Aruba multiple times, we have found the island to be a delightful place to get away from it all. Warm days and nights, beautiful beaches, wonderful water, and plenty of sunshine are a great tonic to dissolve the work and worry of everyday life. If you’re planning a vacation to Aruba, here are 10 things you might want to add to your itinerary that will make your vacation a very enjoyable experience:

1. Visit the California Lighthouse – Located on the North West tip of the island, the California lighthouse is named for a ship that crashed on the coral reefs just off-shore. The lighthouse makes a great photo opportunity with it’s white exterior against the bright blue Aruba sky. The contrast of the water and desert surrounding the lighthouse also makes it an interesting site.

2. Snorkeling at Baby Beach – At the other end of Aruba you’ll find Baby Beach, a secluded cove with a narrow entrance to rougher surf. If you go snorkeling at the entrance to this cove you’ll see an unbelievable number of fish native to Aruba. Fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s a great experience. You don’t need to worry about bringing your own snorkel gear since you can rent this when you get there.

3. Off-Roading in the Arikok National Park – Rent a Jeep from one of the many car rental locations on Aruba and take a day to explore the Arikok National Park. This park takes-up a substantial part of the island bordering the rough surf of the Eastern coast. You’ll see some wonderful vistas, rough terrain, and Aruba’s wild donkeys and goats. One warning – the goats and donkeys may come-up to your Jeep for a closer look but don’t touch or feed these animals! You could end-up with a nasty bite that might make the rest of your vacation less than enjoyable.

4. Golfing at Tierra del Sol Country Club – If you like golf you’ll like this course. A great Robert Trent Jones II designed layout that is Aruba’s only 18-hole course. Located near the California Lighthouse, the Tierra del Sol Golf Course is part of the Tierra del Sol Resort. While the greens fees are a bit high, the experience makes it worthwhile. You’ll get some great views of the island, play some challenging holes, and get to figure out how to deal with the constant breeze that blows across the island.

5. Dinner on the Beach at Simply Fish Restaurant – While there are several restaurants on Aruba that offer on-the-beach dining experiences, we like Simply Fish the best. Located at the Marriott Stellaris Resort on Palm Beach, Simply Fish has great food. It also has a spectacular view of the sunset as you enjoy your dinner. Make reservations close to when the sun sets at the time of year you visit the island.

OK – you now have five great experiences that will make your vacation in Aruba very memorable. But, there are two things you SHOULD NOT do while you are there – we’ve learned these from experience.

First – don’t wait until it’s too late to decide you’re going to do something OTHER than lay on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and water. It’s so relaxing that you might not mind spending your entire vacation lying under your beach hut enjoying the warm weather and cooling breeze. But don’t make this mistake! You’ll miss some great experiences in Aruba that will give you a whole new perspective on the island – as described above. So, one thing you SHOULD NOT do is plan your entire vacation on the beach – get out and explore the other great things Aruba has to offer.

Second – You will hear this repeated often and it is true – DO NOT go out into the sun each day without the proper sun block. This is important for EVERYONE – yes – even for people that “never burn.” The sun in Aruba is direct since it is located near the equator. The cooling breeze that blows across the island helps reduce the heat of the sun. If you are in the water you may not even notice you are burning – until it’s too late. You SHOULD NOT do outdoor activities in Aruba UNLESS you have sun block.

So get ready for a great vacation to Aruba. You now have five things you should consider for your itinerary and two important things to consider to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Enjoy your trip!

Planning A Vacation To Medellin

Medellin is a beautiful Colombian city, surrounding by magnificent mountain peaks. It is a very welcoming city, which is a modern center of industry that is also home to some beautiful old churches. Medellin is known for producing textiles and cut flowers, but it is also famous for its exciting nightlife. This is a city that has something to offer visitors of all tastes, from history lovers to thrill seekers. A Medellin vacation can be anything that you want it to be, thanks to the eclectic nature of the city.

If you are planning to visit Medellin, then you will probably be flying into the city, although the bus service linking Medellin to the rest of the country is excellent. Traveling by road can be the best option if you are touring Colombia or South America. Once you arrive in the city, you will find that the public transport system is cheap and reliable. The metro can take you to all of the major sights, but it will be useful to have the number of a good taxi service so that you can call a cab if you need to travel during the evening. If you would like to take a tour to get an overview of the city, then the Turibus is a good option.

Medellin does have a good selection of hotels, which offer rooms to suit a range of different budgets, but the best way to see the city is to do so from the comfort of your own apartment. Renting a vacation apartment will allow you to enjoy the city from the point of view of a resident. Medellin apartments also offer all of the comforts and privacy that you would experience in your own home. Medellin vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, so it is possible to find the perfect place to stay. You can choose an apartment that is just the right size for your family or fellow travelers, and find Medellin rentals that are located in just the right place to make it easy to get to the parts of the city you want to visit.

Honeymoon Vacation Packages – Where to Go and What to Expect With a Romantic Getaway Package

There are many ways to get a good deal on a honeymoon vacation, from signing up for a gift registry to selecting an all inclusive package. There are hundreds of romantic getaways to choose from, many of which are inexpensive. Even if you don’t have much money to spend, you can still find inexpensive honeymoon vacation packages.

An all inclusive package is probably the best option, since your every need (or at least most of) will be taken care of at the resort: lodging, snacks, drinks, meals, activities, etc… is included in the price. You may or may not have to make your own arrangements for airfare and ground transportation.

Some packages include all of the nice, romantic touches, like champagne, candlelight dinner, chocolates, a couple’s trip to the spa, and so forth. The downside to this type of package is that you might not need or even want all of the add-ons that are bundled into it. Depending on the resort and site you book it through, you might end up spending less on a standard honeymoon package and paying for the things you do want separately.

The Caribbean and Mexico are two of the most popular places for romantic getaways. There is nothing like lounging near a warm, exotic beach in places like Jamaica, Barbuda, Saint Maartens, Cancun, Aruba, etc. Some of the top resorts in these destinations offer great deals for honeymooners. A few examples include the Breezes Bahamas Resort and Spa located at Cable Beach, the Grande Oasis Tulum in Riviera Maya, Mexico, the Paradisus Cancun in Mexico, and the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Other Destinations for Honeymoon Vacation Packages

Of course, you don’t have to go to the Caribbean, Bahamas, or Mexico for your honeymoon. There are plenty of beautiful places in Asia for couples as well, like Bali, Indonesia, Maldives, Langkawi, Malaysia, Singapore, or any place in Japan that is surrounded by cherry blossoms.

If you’d prefer a cozier getaway surrounded by majestic mountains, how about a romantic lodging at an Aspen cabin? Or a fabulous resort in the Swiss Alps, like the Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz or The Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel on Lake Geneva?

Some couples opt for the excitement of a big city, like the Big Apple and Vegas. There is no shortage of honeymoon suites in either of these cities. Even if you don’t go for a Vegas wedding, you can still go there for your honeymoon.

Regardless of what kind of scenery and weather you want to experience during your romantic getaway, you can use the internet to find great deals on honeymoon vacation packages.

You can learn all about different types of honeymoon vacation packages online. Deals on all aspects of travel, from airfare to resort reservation are available. With online discounts, you can get an affordable romantic getaway.